Motor Vehicle Insurance

University and state-owned vehicles are provided coverage through the State of North Carolina Motor Vehicle Insurance program. Travelers Insurance Company for the State of North Carolina currently handles claims administration. All state-owned (self-propelled) vehicles are required to be insured, at minimum, for motor vehicle liability as part of any motorist’s financial responsibility in society and our State.  University departments and colleges have the option to also insure their vehicles for physical damage coverage (which is commonly known as the combination of collision and comprehensive coverage. For passenger vans, Medical Payments coverage is also available. There is a premium charge for liability and also for physical damage coverage. The University, through IRM, uses the ERIMS2 application system to manage the motor vehicle insurance program that covers more than 2,000 self-propelled vehicles. This is an online system and customer departments can be assigned their own online vehicle administrator to notify IRM of accident claims, newly added or deleted vehicles. Besides this online web-based concept, the staff of IRM is also available by phone, fax, or electronic mail to assist you with your NCSU insuring needs as our customer. Some key important reminders to be summarized:
  1. Your vehicle titles should be sent to IRM for centralized file- keeping during your use and ownership of the vehicle
  2. Report vehicle accidents as soon as possible to IRM and always by noon of the next business day following the motor vehicle accident. Report facts, do not offer opinions, and avoid assigning blame as until any claim investigation is completed.
  3. Only persons on the University payroll can drive state-owned vehicles and leased vehicles when in the name of the University. There are also important insurance coverage reasons for this.
  4. Rental vehicles: The State of North Carolina Motor Vehicle Insurance policy also has physical damage coverage for leased vehicles. Coverage territory is the United States of America, Canada, American Territories and American Possessions. For these locations, CDW and LDW coverage should not be needed. If going to other locations or continents, this coverage is not available in such foreign countries and the purchase of CDW or LDW physical damage coverage is permitted therefore.
    • Use the leased vehicle rental form if leasing a passenger vehicle with value greater than $40,000 or a heavier vehicle (greater than 10,000 pounds – Gross Vehicle Weight) with a vehicle value greater than $60,000.
  5. Remember, as with most leased vehicle agreements, you are basically agreeing to return the vehicle without damage or be held contractually responsible for any damage to the rental vehicle while in your custody, regardless of cause or fault. Therefore, it is important that you do a damage check with the rental vehicle company when you first check out the vehicle and especially upon return.