Guidelines for Inflatables on Campus

Inflatables are a fun addition to an event, however, safety precautions must be in place to reduce the risk of injury. Inflatables expose the University to an increased liability. The use of any inflatable on campus must strictly adhere to the the following criteria and receive approval from Emergency Preparedness, and Strategic Initiatives.

  • Vendor must set up the inflatable and remain throughout the event to manage and monitor the use
  • The event must be scheduled through the University event management portal
  • Inflatables must be inspected by EP&SI
    • All inflatables are for commercial use with 2022 certification tags
    • Properly secured in the ground with an inclement weather plan
      • If winds exceed 20 MPH, inflatable should be deflated
    • The area in which the inflatable is to be used must be open, flat, and clear of debris or other obstructions
  • Vendor must be contracted through NCSU Procurement and Business Services
    • Vendor must be a member of the Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization (SIOTO)
    • Insurance needs – Vendor must have Workers Compensation, General Liability ($1M/$2M limits), and Automobile Liability
    • Vendor must name NCSU as additional insured on their policy, provide a Certificate of Insurance, and fully indemnify NCSU
  • Responsible party must sign a waiver
  • Some inflatables are more dangerous than others. More injuries occur on tall slides with steep inclines and inflatables with water compared to closed inflatables such as moonwalks.
    • The use of water, soap suds, or cornstarch is prohibited