Report a Claim / Incident

Property Damage

NC State buildings and structures are insured through the State Property Fire Insurance Fund, administered by the NC Department of Insurance. Various levels of coverage are available depending on the level of risk retention desired. Property claims are subject to a $5,000 deductible, which is the responsibility of the department.

Click the link below to complete and submit a property damage claim. Attach any photographs, estimates, invoices or other documentation to support the claim. IRM will investigate the claim and submit a proof of loss to the Department of Insurance for reimbursement.

Property Loss Reporting Form

Vehicle Claims

NC Statute (GS §58-194.1) requires that all state-owned, self-propelled motorized vehicles carry liability insurance. It is the responsibility of each department to report newly acquired vehicles to IRM. Each department may choose whether to insure each vehicle for collision and comprehensive coverage in addition to liability coverage. Coverage is provided by Travelers’ Insurance. The following deductibles apply to comprehensive and collision:

Vehicles up to $75,000 value

  • Comprehensive Deductible = $500
  • Collision Deductible = $500

Vehicles > $75,000 value

  • Varies depending on vehicle value

Vehicular accident and property damage is defined as any accident occurring between an NC State vehicle (owned or rented) and another vehicle, pedestrian, animal or fixed object. Contact law enforcement to investigate all vehicle accidents. It is incumbent upon the employee to ensure that all facts are obtained with respect to the other driver.

NC State employees should not admit fault or liability or make any statement relative to guilt or responsibility. Employees should provide law enforcement with the facts related to the accident.

If you are involved in a vehicle accident in an NC State vehicle, complete the auto claim form online in ORIGAMI to submit a vehicle claim and complete the NCSU Supervisor’s First Report of Incident.  Attach any photographs, police reports, rental agreements or other information to support the claim.

For comprehensive and collision claims, the department is responsible for securing repair estimates and coordinating repairs.

Rental Vehicle Claims

If you rented a vehicle through the State Term Contract, notify the rental car company and also enter the vehicle accident information in ORIGAMI. As long as you rented the vehicle using NC State’s custom account number, the vehicle insurance was included in the daily rate.

Other Forms

Vehicle Accident Claim Form

Student / Visitor Incident Report Form

Employee Accident reporting (EHS website)

NCSU Supervisor’s First Report of Incident (EHS website)